PXI、VXI虚拟仪器协同集成平台 PXI、VXI virtual instrument collaborative platform

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PXI、VXI虚拟仪器协同集成平台: PXI、VXI virtual instrument collaborative platform


PXIVXI virtual instrument collaborative platform: 

该平台是专门针对种类繁多的智能仪器仪表、修理平台、检测设备、数控机床等,没有统一规范的通信方式、接口方式、通信协议,而无法直接进入信息系统进行统一管理和利用的定制设备。是一种基于以太网技术等工业标准的、由中小型总线模块组成的新型仪器平台。平台是严格基于IEEE 802.3TCPIP、网络总线、网络浏览器、IVI—C0M 驱动程序、时钟同步协议(IEEE1588)和标准模块尺寸的新型仪器。

The platform is aimed at the designated equipments like a wide variety of intelligent instrument and apparatus, repair platform, inspection device, numerical control machine tool and others that cannot directly access to the information system for unified manage and usage because they don’t have unified and standard communication format, interface format and communication protocol. This platform is a new-type instrumental platform formed by medium & small bus module based on Ethernet technology and other industrial standards. The platform is a new-type instrument strictly based on IEEE 802.3TCPIP, network bus, network explorer, IVI—C0M drive, Clock synchronization protocol(IEEE1588) and standard module size.


作为用 LXI 构建的下一代系统,可采用仪器智能分布式方法,使用对等和一对多的信息传送和交换方式。可较好的实现长距离数据采集、智能处理复杂波形信号、对复杂电源序列进行可编程、对等触发控制等。

As the next-generation system built with LXI, this platform can apply instrumental smart distribution method and equivalent and one-to-many information transmission and exchanging. Long-distance data collection can better realized, complicated wave signal can be processed in a smart way, and the programming and peer trigger control of the complicated power supply sequence can be achieved as well.


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